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“I wanted to thank the staff at Emerald Gardens for the difference in the quality of life that my mother-in-law now has. The care and understanding she has received from your staff has been amazing. Thank you for being such very special people and allowing our family to be part of this wonderful community.”

"I want to express my family's appreciation to each and every single one of you who cared for and about my mother - Ruth Jones. You took such good care of her - from serving her food, to taking her on trips, to helping her get dressed, to counseling her, to cleaning her room, to encouragin her to make pottery and to exercise... the list goes on. You helped her adjust to that last chapter in her life; you extended her life and enriched it - even if she could not see that all the time. However, I do want you to know that at our last appointment with Dr. Burnett on Thursday before she died, she did say to him, "I think I am now happier and more satisfied." I laughingly said, "Can we put that on paper?"

February is the month to express love and gratitude. So, I want to give you a gift card in memory of R.J.

You have a difficult job. You work with and care about elderly who usually do not feel well and who have difficult transitions to make. I know they can be very difficult to please; nevertheless, just know that what you do - the kindnesses you show - all make a wonderful difference in their lives and in their families' lives. You are appreciated.

I will certainly "sing the praises" of Emerald Gardens and your staff."
-Sally Kauffmann